Where the Journey Started for Nice ‘N’ Natural

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The creation of Nice ‘N’ Natural pet food started all the way back in 2016.  With his years of experience in the pet retail industry and as a pet lover, Co-Founder Stuart Cooper has been on this mission  to create a natural premium pet food for many years.  Here Stuart tells us the journey and passion behind the creation of Nice ‘N’ Natural.

Nice ‘N’ Natural is very much focused on premium pet nutrition with no hidden ingredients.  Creating a highly nutritious feed that is fully digestible (better nutrition), leaves the pet full for longer (feed them less) and creating less waste in the garden (the majority has been absorbed by the gut).  With a feed such as this, customers will see the benefits in the pets and in their wallets.  Nice ‘N’ Natural is exactly what the brand says it is – everything in the bag is completely natural. We managed to produce a feed with a meat content as high as 35% as opposed to the usual 3% seen in many brands at the same price point. “This is the biggest achievement of the brand; it’s a meat-first, 100% Irish product” says Stuart Cooper.

Next in our Nice ‘N’ Natural journey was to deliver a feed with a even higher meat content with additional benefits for the pet. So there would be no need to add additional supplements to your pet’s diet. We wanted a fully complete pet food for every pet at every life stage.  A food that offers them everything they need to live life better, feel healthy and content.  Hence the creation on Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure.

Moving into Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure

Nice N Natural Pure

Our goal was to create a complete super premium food  (higher meat first content) with added natural supplements, for every dog – no matter what life stage or breed.  From small dogs, big dogs, to sensitive dogs and dogs trying to lose weight – we’ve succeeded in creating a food suitable for all. The experienced Nice ‘N’ Natural team has been fully part of the creation, designing and manufacturing process.  Ensuring the quality that goes into this product at every stage meets our standards. This sets us apart from other brands, as this is really built for pet lovers by pet lovers!

With Nice N Natural Pure we used two main sources of protein – free run chicken & wild farmed salmon. All our meat ingredients used are from within Ireland. The salmon is farmed off the coast of Donegal, making it sustainable.  

Botanical Ingredients
Botanical Ingredients in Nice 'N' Natural Pure

We spent a lot of time working with nutritionists to make this food a complete super food. Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure contains added botanicals. These provide additional health benefits. Tomato which is an excellent source of antioxidants. Seaweed and Yucca has been added to help promote optimal gut health and reduce stool odour. We really wanted to ensure our customers could read and understand each bag and what the ingredients mean to your pet. Clearly listed on the packaging is every ingredient along with their benefits – there’s no jargon or hidden ingredients. Because this is a natural food, it is important we keep the food fresh to prevent the nutrients from degrading over time.  Each of our bags are sealed airtight using a NFMS (Natural Fresh Management System). Making sure the kibble is of top quality standard with every feed from the start to the finish of the bag.

Nice n Natural Pure Botanical ingredients
Nice 'N' Natural Pure - Chicken

A Bag for All Breeds

We now had a food that covered all we had set out out to do. 

  • 100% Irish
  • 100% Natural
  • Super Premuim
  • Meat First
  • Complete Food

But we wanted to go the extra mile and have a food all dogs to meet all the life stages and breed sizes.

When creating Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure, we took into account that large breed and small breed puppies/dogs have different size mouths. Smaller breeds will need a smaller kibble for their smaller teeth and jaws. Our Senior range contains double the amount of Chondroitin and Glucosamine. These are natural additives which can help lubricate the joints and knees. 
For dogs that might be a bit intolerant or have a sensitive stomach, we have a grain-free option for them. This is made from salmon and sweet potato so it is gentle on their delicate stomachs.  For pets that need to loose a few pounds – our Weight Control feed is perfect for them. 

We achieved our goal of creating a food full of amazing natural nutrition for your pets. Making sure that your pet is eating the best and that you get value for your money. Pets are part of our family, and deserve to have a solid, wholesome diet.

Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure really is a complete Super Premium Food for your family pets. 

How Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure Helps You Live Life Better with Your Pets

Benefits of feeding premium dog food:

If you can get your pet to be on a premium dog food from a puppy, there are supreme health benefits for the rest of its life which can include the following:

  • Promotes less visits to the vet
  • Makes dogs happier, healthier and more keen
  • Contributes to shinier coat, bright eyes and better stools
  • No need for supplements if you feed the correct quality food for your animal 
  • Better raw materials can be far easier absorbed with less waste

It is never to late to switch your pet onto a Super Premium Food such as Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure. We recommend that you introduce the new food slowly into their meal times and slowly phase out the old food. This will help reduce stomach upset that can naturally occur when changing a pets food. 


Nice N Natural Pure in Petworld Tallaght
Nice N Natural Pure in Petworld

Possible Directions for Nice ‘N’ Natural Pure

We’re now also moving into natural beneficial treats and accessories. It can go anywhere but this is just a start.  In terms of sustainability, we are looking at our packaging to be 100% compostable in the future. 

Why Should Pet Owners Choose Nice ‘N’ Natural?

It’s a super premium dog food which is 100% natural meat-first product and is one of the best foods for your pets from puppies to seniors.  Made by pet lovers for pet lovers. You can be sure your feeding your dog the best possible ingredients for your money.